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Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA): The Smart Hospital: Improving Cancer Care by Understanding the Patient Journey

Healthcare organizations are being continuously challenged by limited budgets and increased care needs. Identifying process improvement is one approach to tackling this challenge. Monitoring and improving using growing volumes of health information system data is a golden opportunity.

In this session, you will hear from David Baltar Boilève, data scientist at Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA), a medium sized hospital in Galicia, Spain. He will describe an important collaboration project with TIBCO that used process mining to review patient and department data to develop insights into the process and accelerate the patient journey. The goal is to provide input into investment decisions and achieve specific patient care improvements.

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Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (HULA): The Smart Hospital - Improving Cancer Care by Understanding the Patient Journey
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