How York Regional Police Uses Data and Analytics to Improve Officer Intelligence, Health, and Efficiency

Data in the Life York Regional Police

York Regional Police (YRP) had been amassing valuable data for almost 50 years. But since critical police information was stored in a variety of disparate systems, data-driven decision-making required hours of manual data gathering and cleansing.

Join TIBCO and York Regional Police Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Manager Greg Stanisci to see how YRP worked with to ensure it was deploying its police resources in the most effective way with easy-to-query, real-time insights into officer activity and performance.

Highlights include:

  • YRP’s struggle to answer questions about how, when, where, and why police assets were deployed
  • How TIBCO helped YRP’s Business Intelligence Unit apply law enforcement data to the agency’s Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC), investigations, analysis, intelligence, and front-line patrol
  • The impact of enabling enterprise-wide searches across structured and unstructured data on their police investigations
  • YRP’s continued plans for leveraging data and analytics to optimize their operations