How to Introduce AI and Data Science into Business User Activities

Come introdurre l’IA e la data science nelle attività degli utenti di business

Do you want to make your views even more intense, dynamic, and advanced?

We will show you how to integrate statistical models into Spotfire, using algorithms ranging from simple linear regression to more sophisticated machine learning.

The TIBCO Data Science team is pleased to invite you to a brief Italian presentation of how Spotfire provides strategic support to the work of Data Scientists and Business Analysts.

With live demonstrations, you'll see how you can create these models in minutes.

Examples of real-time models use demonstrate their applicability to a wide range of high-impact business cases such as:

  • Send the right bid, to the right customer, at the right time
  • Maintain maintenance before the machine fails
  • Blocking an attempt at fraud


Gaia Paolini, Data Scientist, TIBCO Software  

Lorenzo Antonetti Clarucci, Solutions Consultant Engineer, TIBCO Software