How data virtualization is revolutionizing your access and management strategy for your data - On demand Webinar

TIBCO_Data Virtualization French Webinar

Data is more than ever scattered in your information system, whether traditional databases, big data warehouses, on-premise or SaaS applications ...

The real challenge lies in your ability to free yourself quickly and easily from these silos to get the most out of your data, without adding complexity to your governance.
TIBCO Data Virtualization is the solution to meet this challenge, that allows you to gain agility while significantly reducing your operational costs.

With this webinar animated by TIBCO Software France, you will discover:

  • What are the data management and access options today (ETL, Data Wrangling, Data Virtualization, MDM)?
  • What are the benefits and differences in terms of agility, cost, deployment, scalability?
  • How data virtualization changes the data access paradigm and its management to better support your analytical initiatives (Data as a Service, semantic layer, logical data warehouse, 360 ° vision ...)
  • Synergies between TIBCO Data Virtualization, TIBCO integration and TIBCO analytics offerings: Systems of Insight, Spotfire, Spotfire Data Science ...