Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Next-Gen Data Virtualization

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Next-gen Data Virtualization

In a world where victory goes to the swift, most organizations today struggle to leverage their distributed data against today's disruptive business trends. Easily accessing and using data to create new, or enhance existing, business processes and customer experiences is giving organizations a competitive advantage in delivering value to their customers.

Learn how Cadeon and TIBCO helped Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) create — from all its distributed data sources — one virtual place to go for consistent, secure, and governed data. With its new, agile, TIBCOⓇ Data Virtualization data architecture, Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) scaled analytics and data science use cases enterprise wide.

During this session we will cover:

  • What a data virtualization tool entails
  • Recent enhancements to TIBCO Data Virtualization software, such as a new self-service web user interface and additional cloud adapters
  • How Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) used the TIBCO Data Virtualization solution to boost its ROI, gain efficiencies, and increase insights
  • Cadeon’s money-back guarantee digital transformation challenge

This session, hosted by Cadeon's Technical Enablement team, will provide discovery with your team to help you understand your roadmap to an appropriate data virtualization environment based on your needs, use cases, and any limitations.