From Idea to Implementation

How to achieve a strong data and analytics strategy in Financial Services

From Idea to Implementation

Traditional financial services organizations are increasingly using data and analytics as a secret weapon to gain insights, improve decision-making, and drive value to the customer, while helping to mitigate the disruption caused by more nimble and agile digital natives.

Their success requires implementing a strong and coherent data and analytics strategy. Organizations that use their existing data assets via an effective strategy will ensure they can retain strategic clients worth millions in revenue and profit, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase market share through new client wins.

Attend this webinar – hosted in partnership with TIBCO – to hear Graeme Ozburn, former director at the Royal Bank of Canada, reveal how financial services organizations can move from the idea and inception of a data and analytics strategy to its full implementation. He will explain through his own experiences the various challenges and how to overcome them in order to reap the rewards.

The lessons learned during this webinar can be adopted by any organization, allowing them to compete in an increasingly challenging sector.