Four Ways to Graduate from Insights to Actions in 2022

Actionable intelligence: It's the difference between delivering dashboards and reports as usual and graduating to delivering concise, decision-supporting insights in context. It's also the difference between settling for rear-view mirror BI and graduating to forward-looking, predictive analytics and data science that can help you get out ahead of problems and seize opportunities through preventative and proactive action.

Join this webinar with Doug Henschen, principal analyst at Constellation Research and Brett Stupakevich, TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics. You'll learn about cutting-edge capabilities including:

  • Growing low-code/no-code options for developing and delivering data-driven applications
  • Expanding options for democratizing data science within BI and analytics platforms
  • Labor-saving automation options triggered by data-driven insights and events
  • Emerging streaming options designed to keep pace with low-latency requirements
Four Ways to Graduate from Insights to Actions in 2022
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