FOCUS Fridays VUG - Synonyms Part 3, FML Basics, MAINTAIN TYPE Statement

Spring is coming and so is FOCUS Fridays! We continue this month with FOCUS/WebFOCUS basics covering synonyms, Financial Modeling Language (FML), and the TYPE statement in Maintain:

  • Synonym in Depth – FIELD - The Master file or synonym is the key to using the FOCUS language with any file. This in-depth look at synonym will go beyond the automatic view of the file that the tools create and will examine how you can use the synonym to handle difficult cases. We finish with the FIELD level specifications and its characteristics.
  • FML – Basics - Financial Modeling Language is another way to create a report when you want more control over the cells (column/row) of the output. This session will cover the basics of the FML language.
  • Using the TYPE Statement to Debug or Inform - When an application is running, if you want to see the value of a variable, you can use the TYPE command to echo the value to the screen or to a file. You can also use TYPE to alert the user to a situation or completed task.
FOCUS Fridays VUG - Blood, Synonym in Depth – FIELD specs-20220318 1513-1
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