Application Building with Dialogue Manager, Writing Your Own Functions, and Enhancing the HTMLTable with HTML

FOCUS Fridays VUG - Blood, Application Building with Dialogue Manager-20220617 1509-1

FOCUS Fridays continues its exploration of the FOCUS/WebFOCUS language this month by covering the uses of Dialogue Manager for applications development, by covering the creation of FOCUS Functions, and by showing the power of adding HTML to HTMLTable in Maintain.

Application Building with Dialogue Manager – Dialogue Manager commands and variables can be used to script applications of all sizes – from a simple function to an enterprise-wide application. This session will review and demonstrate the possibilities.

Writing Your Own Functions - Do you have DEFINE code that you continually copy or -INCLUDE in your procedures? If so then you can create a function and declare it once and use it as many times as you need. This session will show you how to convert a set of DEFINEs into a usable function.

Enhancing the HTMLTable with HTML - The HTMLTable can display records for selection. It can also contain HTML Objects like checkboxes. We will discuss how to add them to your form and how to retrieve the selections.