FOCUS Fridays Virtual User Group - DEFINES, New Functions and MAINTAIN DB commands


View to this on demand FOCUS Fridays webinar to join three “FOCUS” gurus presenting some great TIBCO FOCUS® technology tips.
New Functions in 8207
TIBCO FOCUS and TIBCO Webfocus 8207 are now available with new features including Standard Deviation as a Prefix operator, trigonometric functions, PARTITION function enhancements, and Pre-set Partition Functions. Join us as we finish exploring 8207 by working with the new functions in TABLE, GRAPH, and MODIFY in this session.

Creating Fields Using DEFINE
Learn how to use expressions to create columns in your WebFOCUS/FOCUS reports based on an individual record or row.  We will focus on the use of DEFINE and the basics of expressions. 

MAINTAIN Database Commands
Most write-back applications boil down to reading data from the database and writing it back. This presentation looks at the two ways MAINTAIN can retrieve data from the database and the four commands to write it back.