FOCUS Fridays Virtual User Group - COMPUTE, Statistics, MAINTAIN and the SU

Focus Friday - Creating Fields Using COMPUTE, MAINTAIN and Simultaneous Update

Watch this Focus Friday session to see:

Creating Fields Using COMPUTE
Learn how to use expressions to create columns using your reports’ aggregated data. We will show examples of expressions that can only be used in a COMPUTE and discuss the differences between DEFINE and COMPUTE.

MAINTAIN and Simultaneous Update
What happens when more than one user tries to update the same record? Both SQL and FOCUS files have locking mechanisms to deal with this. However, you have to inform the user. We will discuss how to tell your user when there are collisions.

Statistical Analysis
The TIBCO FOCUS language has a wide array of statistical functionality available in the many FOCUS language environments. Join us as we delve into statistics in Dialogue Manager, TABLE, GRAPH, MODIFY, and the ANALYZE command.