FOCUS Fridays Virtual User Group:

Saving and Reusing Data, MAINTAIN Application Format Shortcuts, and Advance Dialogue Manager

Applications are at the heart of this month’s FOCUS Friday - from saving and reusing data in TABLE to MAINTAIN application format shortcuts to advanced Dialogue Manager techniques to support the complexity that applications often require.  Join us as the three “FOCUS” gurus present some great TIBCO FOCUS® language tips and techniques.

Saving and Reusing Data
Now that you have the data you need for your report, how do you present it. Join us to learn the various output file formats you can save your report to as well as the use of temporary files to allow further processing of your data?
MAINTAIN Application Format Shortcuts
When building MAINTAIN applications, certain non-MAINTAIN commands can help change the look and feel of your form. These include setting the data and time as well as removing a “missing” character from your edit boxes. This presentation discusses some techniques for formatting your applications.
Advanced Dialogue Manager
In this session we will review the use of Dialogue Manager in the creation of the advanced reporting structures found in the TIBCO WebFOCUS environment as well as the development of complex multi-screen applications in TIBCO FOCUS. 

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FOCUS Friday October 15, 2021 covers saving and reusing data, advanced Dialogue Manager,  and MAINTAIN Application Format Shortcuts -  presented by Walter Blood, Walter Brengel, and Mark Derwin.