Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Retail

How Parkland Used Data Management to Fuel Operational Excellence

Parkland - TIBCO Unify webinar

Looking to digitally transform your business? Start with master data management (MDM). By unifying all your data into one trusted source, you can run your business more efficiently, increase customer touchpoints, and improve practices for the future—like Parkland, one of America’s fastest growing petroleum suppliers and convenience store operators.

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from Kshitij Sharma, Parkland digital director, on the company’s MDM transformation and three-pillar approach to digital change.

Parkland and TIBCO worked together to launch a core master data source system. TIBCO’s software solutions helped reduce the time spent querying data by 10,000 hours and increased data accuracy. It also increased back office automation by 70 percent.