Derive Valuable Insights with TIBCO Data Virtualization

Derive Valuable Insights with TIBCO Data Virtualization

As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, it is increasingly important to provide easier and faster access to it so it can be used to derive meaningful insights and make better business decisions.

Learn how AOT Technologies leverages TIBCO® Data Virtualization software to provide analysts and data scientists with easy, fast, and structured access to the widest range of data sources: enterprise, cloud, device data, and more. See how it helps transform data into valuable, business-friendly formats and accessible terminology.

During this session, we will cover how to:

  • Integrate and provision all of the enterprise data your business requires by creating a virtual data layer
  • Adopt an analytical data architecture that optimizes use of diverse data management technologies through a logical data warehouse
  • Provide data services to multiple systems, applications, and users through data-as-a-service
  • Enjoy business-friendly data, faster time-to-data, and self-service data access
  • Benefit from reduced IT costs and enhanced governance and security on an enterprise scale