Delivering Enterprise Value with TIBCO Data Science – Team Studio


Watch this product update to refine your 2020/21 plans for analytics and data science, and to learn about critical features for success.

Our product management team will review the latest roadmap for TIBCO® Data Science – Team Studio software. We’ll discuss the increasing importance of cloud architectures, automated machine learning, and model ops. We’ll also discuss integrations and extensibility, including inter-operability with TIBCO Spotfire® analytics. And of course, we’ll review all the new features in the latest release.

Top Takeaways

  •  TIBCO Data Science – Team Studio statement of direction
    • Collaboration with business analysts and data scientists through the Spotfire integration
    • Support for cloud-native data sources
    • Enhanced capabilities for autoML
    • New operators and improved usability
  • How TIBCO Data Science software is evolving
  • Looking forward: Managing analytics, ML, and AI enterprise-wide (model ops)