Data Science for 5th Graders

Data Science for 5th Graders

Join us for a back-to-basics session hosted by TIBCO’s best data scientists. In this session, we will look at how you can quickly and easily: 

  • Enable your organization with a self- service comprehensive analytics environment  
  • Deliver insights you can trust with AI-driven visual analytics
  • Expand your skills and make sophisticated analytics simple 

We will demonstrate how you can leverage AI-driven recommendations for data wrangling, visualization, and discovery―and reduce your time to insight so you can take faster, smarter actions before opportunities become irrelevant and risks escalate. 

We will look at how TIBCO Analytics built-in, one-click predictive analytics allows you to identify patterns, understand underlying trends, and predict outcomes―without being an expert.

Presented By:

Ana Costa e Silva - Senior Data Scientist, Core Staff - ‎TIBCO Software Inc.

Alan Herron - Analytics Campaign Architect - TIBCO Software Inc.