Data Fabrics for Frictionless Data Access

Data Fabrics for Frictionless Data Access Webinar_03

Is your data architecture keeping up with the constant onslaught of more data sources, silos, complexity, and change? If so, you’re in good company: many organizations are struggling with this business risk-laden problem.

In response, data-driven organizations are implementing data fabrics—one of the hottest analyst and vendor topics in data management today.   

Should there be a data fabric in your future, too?

To find out, join other chief data officers, data architects, and data engineer leaders by tuning in to our on-demand webinar, Data Fabrics for Frictionless Data Access. Acclaimed independent analyst Rick van der Lans and TIBCO data strategist Robert Eve will walk you through:

  • What a data fabric is, and why you need one
  • How you can architect a service-centric fabric to gain flexibility and agility
  • The data management and integration capabilities that are most relevant
  • Where to start your journey to data fabric success

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