Consolidating Data into a Trusted, Unified View for Intelligent Decision-making

Cómo consolidar los datos para obtener una visión unificada y fiable para negocio

Business teams rely on data to make intelligent business decisions. However, they often have to rely on incomplete or inconsistent data, bringing significant risk to business operations. With TIBCO EBX® and TIBCO® Data Virtualization software, we show how easy it can be to consolidate and de-duplicate data, ensure data quality, and show data in a single unified view that will help business make highly informed decisions. Attend this webinar for:

  • An introduction to the TIBCO Unify product line
  • Examples of how EBX® and TIBCO Data Virtualization software provide a unified view of trusted data
  • Demonstration of capabilities and use cases
  • Questions and answers

The webinar is intended for potential or current partner companies only.