Before, During and After COVID-19: Analytics for Health Leaders

Roundtable on the Role of Analytics in Improving COVID-19 Hospital Operations

Join Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer, TIBCO; Michelle Kannapel, director, business intelligence & financial analytics, Norton Healthcare; Eric Phillips, CLSSGB, CSM senior consultant, operational performance improvement, Baptist Health; Cliff Mika, senior consultant, operational performance improvement, Baptist Health; and Denise Johnson,director, analytics & visualization services, Syntellis Performance Solutions for a lively panel discussion and presentation on how financial and clinical leaders in healthcare organizations use analytics in managing impacts from the pandemic, including:

  • Monitoring disease spread
  • Predicting and managing inpatient bed demand
  • Proactively identifying potential supply chain disruptions
  • Expanding testing and reporting test results
  • Quantifying COVID-19 financial impacts and recovery period

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Before, During and After COVID-19 - Analytics for Health Leaders
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