Accelerating Innovation

Accelerating Innovation

in Mining with TIBCO and Visagio

TIBCO-Visagio Intuitive Mining Accelerator Webinar v3

Historically, 68% of innovation in mining has been focused on optimization of core products and processes to deliver cost savings through efficiencies. However, leading resources companies are using digital transformation to deliver breakthrough products, as well as much greater return on investment.

This 30-minute conversation will highlight how TIBCO and Visagio are working together to accelerate mining organizations’ transformational journeys. It will provide a preview of the freely-available Mining Accelerator, which is designed to quickly provide valuable intuitive metrics of resource operations from “pit to port.”

You will see how organization-wide intuitive metrics are the foundation of innovative transformation, collaboration, new skills, and leadership with a data driven framework for making better strategic decisions.



Anthony Kikkert, TIBCO Software

Eduardo Possato, Visagio.