6 Ways to Maximize Your Smart Supply Chain Data

Increase cost efficiency by 10% and service performance by 5%

Tibco Webinar presentation (29th June 2021)

Retailers, manufacturers, and logistics operators have been disrupted by not being able to quickly modify and optimize their supply chains.

They have discovered weaknesses are often due to technology gaps. Traditional approaches to manage the distribution, production, and planning of components and items aren’t working anymore.

Scarcity of incoming materials, shipment delays, and a reduced workforce, along with the need to produce and ship large quantities instead of smaller batches, have put pressure on the entire system.

In this webinar, we explore six ways retailers, manufacturers, and logistics operators can redefine operational excellence and take their supply chain ecosystem to the next level:

  1. Reliable, alternative suppliers
  2. Realistic customer demand
  3. Efficient material requirements planning (MRP)
  4. Optimization and reduction of production waste
  5. Better risk assessment
  6. Real-time AI and end-to-end tracking based on IoT