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5 Automation Opportunities to Accelerate your Cloud Adoption

Through industry best practices and the right capabilities, explore and understand practical methods for accelerating cloud adoption.

As your organization moves to the cloud, there will be many challenges. Standardizing automation, integration, and data management within the cloud can often be a headache. How can your financial services company successfully automate its move to the cloud?

Through real-life examples and live demos, you will be shown how to make cloud migration a reality. Oli Bage, head of architecture, data & analytics at LSEG, shares his experiences from the financial sector, and Richard Price, TIBCO sales director FSI UKI, shows how data management holds the key to success.

We explore five ways you can take your move to the next level:

  1. Automation & Data Foundations
  2. Cloud Data Principles
  3. Data Standards & Hybrid Delivery
  4. Regulatory & Governance Adoption
  5. Data Delivery Optimization and Speed
5 Automation Opportunities to Accelerate your Cloud Adoption - FSI UKI
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