20-MINUTE WEBINAR: Take Advantage of Business Moments with Apache Kafka

Kafka Webinar Recording.mp4

Sometimes a moment is all you have.  

A successful digital business must be able to detect and intelligently respond in real-time to business moments.  Either to take advantage of an opportunity or to prevent a tragic loss, these moments and how we respond to them define our organization’s success or failures as well as our path forward.

These moments could be focused on improving the customer experience, gaining operational efficiencies, or mitigating risks. At the very center of such moments lies an architecture that has the ability to move information between disparate systems or devices and to identify the meaningful events within the ever-increasing volumes of data.

This is what Apache Kafka was designed to do. Kafka is a streaming platform based on a distributed, persistent, publish-subscribe logging system.

TIBCO recently announced full support for Apache Kafka. This webinar will take a closer look at exactly what TIBCO is offering as part of their support and how to take advantage of partnering with TIBCO for your Kafka projects.

Watch this brief (20 minute) webinar to learn:

  • The components of the TIBCO® Messaging - Apache Kafka Distribution
  • Apache Kafka Core
  • TIBCO Apache Kafka Bridge 
  • TIBCO Apache Kafka Schema Repository
  • How the TIBCO Apache Kafka Bridge provides for native integration between Apache Kafka to seamlessly connect with all the TIBCO Messaging components
  • How integration between Apache Kafka and other TIBCO solutions provide advanced capabilities beyond standard Apache Kafka deployments