How Data Integration Empowers Your Business to Create First-class Customer Experiences

What can your organization learn from an imagined airline’s success using technology to drive customer engagement and solve business problems? Quite a bit, if you need to deliver customer experiences that make your business soar above its competitors—or if you want to effectively and efficiently solve complex challenges that other organizations in your industry are still struggling to understand, much less conquer.

Though Cooper Airlines is a construct we created as a model for this tutorial, its results are based on real-world scenarios that can apply to any business. 

Watch this demonstration, which is separated into eight concise modules, to see how Cooper Airline’s integrated data environment—powered by the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration platform—enables it to engage customers at every phase, from providing real-time booking updates to automating case management to creating a modern devOps pipeline that accelerates application delivery, and more.

We hope you enjoy the flight!

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