Virtually Anything 360

Ineffective data management is causing tangible harm to businesses—learn how to avoid it.

Without proper data virtualization channels, partial data can present misleading or conflicting information, leading to detrimental decision-making.

In this ebook Virtually “Anything 360”: Forging a Competitive Advantage with Unified Data Management on Azure, you’ll learn how new innovations are enabling forward-leaning organizations to properly harness the potential of their data—and activate insights that will keep them at the cutting edge of their industries.

Explore how TIBCO’s Anything 360 and Microsoft Azure are empowering businesses to: 

  • Remove bottlenecks and enable data consistency and reuse.
  • Provide all data on demand, in a single logical layer that is governed, secure, and serves a diverse community of users.
  • Get immediate data access to develop actionable insights and respond to them in real-time.
  • Allow users to employ their favorite analytics tools to obtain results quickly—spending more time analyzing data, and less time searching, extracting, and cleaning it.

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