The Three Pillars for Banks

Transform to—and succeed in—digital open banking

90% of fintech companies cite enhanced customer experience as key to their competitive advantage. While 61% of traditional bank executives say that a customer-centric model is “very important”, but only 17% feel “very prepared”. How prepared are you at meeting the increased customer expectations to fend off disruptors?

Many are looking to open banking and API strategy to address these challenges, but you need a more holistic approach. One that:

  • Establishes a data governance architecture to ensure availability of accurate and timely data. 
  • Provides secure access to customer data and the core banking systems.
  • Ensures today’s technology investments align with the long-term goal of becoming a truly digital bank that can compete more effectively. 

In this ebook, you’ll discover how Microsoft Azure and TIBCO enable banks and other financial institutions to digitally transform their businesses, and how the benefits of gaining scale, innovation, and agility far outweigh the costs.

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