From Drowning in Data to Driving Outcomes

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The complexity of healthcare data is no secret, and creating trustworthy datasets that deliver value for everyone from the C-suite to the frontline caregiver may feel like an insurmountable challenge. The solution may lie in partnering with a vendor-agnostic provider of data analytics that can pull data from any chosen sources, clean and aggregate it into a trustworthy dataset, and then make it available in understandable formats for everyone in an organization who needs to use it—from the board to the bedside to the marketing department.

In this playbook, we explore the three-step process for creating trustworthy data for addressing social determinants of health in your enterprise. The playbook examines:

  • Three steps to creating trustworthy healthcare data:
  • Four key objectives accomplished by using a single data source for decision-making
  • The true value of harnessing data to address social determinants of health

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