Break Down the Barriers to Better Data Science

Tips and best practices for data analytics leaders

Today's analytics leaders must step beyond process improvements to uncover previously unseen opportunities to drive innovation in their organizations. They need to infuse analytics into critical business processes so everyone in the organization, at all levels, has access to prescriptive recommendations.

In particular, analytics executives are expected to:

  • Make the business more predictive
  • Identify potential process improvements with machine learning models
  • Understand and anticipate future customer behaviors
  • Hyper-personalize offers
  • Predict responses
  • Optimize outcomes

Achieving the goals listed above requires that data be aggregated, prepared, ingested, analyzed, and deployed into critical business processes.

This ebook is designed to help. First, it explores the corporate and technical challenges for data analytics. Then it provides a range of tips and best practices that leaders can use to meet increasing needs.

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