Predict Confidently

With Real-time, Data-driven Intelligence

TIBCO Data & Analytics provides you with a single environment to deploy what you want, when you want. With TIBCO products, you can access, virtualize, tag, and wrangle data for your business requirements. Transform your data with the power of a single pane of glass for point-and-click visual analytics of TIBCO Spotfire. With TIBCO Data Virtualization software, you can connect all your data sources and uncover the ones you don’t know about—no matter where they are. TIBCO Data Virtualization and TIBCO Streaming unite traditional data virtualization capabilities of combining disparate hybrid data sources with Streaming's ability to convert events on any messaging system into continuously live streaming tables. TIBCO ModelOps augments the creativity and productivity of TIBCO Data Science teams while ensuring visibility, standards, best practices, and regulatory compliance. You can manipulate your data, match and combine it, and generate data profiles for your data sets—giving you trusted and secure data that is accessible, cataloged, and unified. With TIBCO Data & Analytics, you gain superior insights and access to data when and how you need it.

Read this ebook to learn more about how to predict confidently with TIBCO Data Science, TIBCO Spotfire, and TIBCO Streaming. Hear from customers like Hemlock Semiconductor, SEPA, NUHS, Aeroporti di Roma, and more.

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