O’Reilly eBook: Ten Things to Know About ModelOps to be Successful

Deploy your AI models in minutes not months. Whether you have one, hundreds, or thousands of models, this free O'Reilly ebook shows how TIBCO® ModelOps addresses the requirement for speed in deploying AI, drawing from TIBCO’s deep leadership in data science, data visualization, and business intelligence.

TIBCO ModelOps allows any authorized business user, data scientist, analyst, or IT user to manage and deploy thousands of models in production with complete governance and management capabilities. Clients can now move past the worry of unintended negative consequences of failed automation because of complex or poorly managed AI or rules-based models, making it safer to automate based on validated and secure AI models.

This free O’Reilly eBook reveals how TIBCO ModelOps software enables any AI, anywhere, and...

  • How to create new models from existing AI model components.
  • Anticipating risks, preventing bias, and keeping compliant with expanding AI regulations.
  • Why ModelOps is essential for building and managing all predictive and people-facing algorithms.
  • The importance of granular rules for sales, IT, risk & compliance managers, and others.
  • How to maximize the value of your AI and machine learning investments.

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