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O’Reilly eBook: Modern Analytics Platforms: The Journey to Enterprise Agility

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changed how organizations operate, accelerating their digital transformations and adjusting their analytics strategies accordingly.

In Experian’s 2021 annual Global Data Management report, 72 percent of responders said that these necessary transformations have made their organizations more reliant on data, and 62 percent state that a lack of agility in data processes has hurt their response to changing business needs.

The latest book from O’Reilly explains why modern, converged analytics is a necessity in order to stay agile and competitive. Learn what makes converged analytics different from current analytics approaches and why it is the future of data-driven organizations.

O’Reilly eBook: Modern Analytics Platforms: The Journey to Enterprise Agility

Download this book to get started on your journey to greater business agility, scalability, and more powerful data insights. Get comprehensive guidance on:

  • Data literacy initiatives
  • The necessary elements of an analytics strategy
  • How to establish a framework for analytics maturity
  • Six dimensions for benchmarking maturity
  • Case studies in insurance, shipping, and more
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