TIBCO Cloud Integration and Microsoft Azure Combine!

The future is cloud-based. Here’s why.

These days, on-premises IT infrastructures are being phased out. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2021, around 94 percent of all workloads and compute instances will be processed in cloud datacenters.

Those that continue operating with the majority of their infrastructure on-premises are at a major disadvantage, but navigating the path from on-premises to cloud operations can be time-consuming and complicated.

Fortunately, the right migration solution can ensure seamless integration for your IT operations digital transition. In the TIBCO ebook, A New Path to the Cloud: Modern integration options for fluid cloud migration, you can read how TIBCO Cloud™ Integration and Microsoft Azure software combine, allowing users to:

  • Integrate business tools and pair iPasS with a reliable, secure cloud provider
  • Eliminate purchase, management, and maintenance expenses
  • Communicate and share information easily from global access points

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