Hyperconverged Analytic Solutions

The Future Is Now

Today's CIOs and business leaders find themselves in a unique position. On one hand, data and analytics play an essential role in the ultimate success of the enterprise. On the other hand, the sheer wealth of data available from multiple disparate internal and external systems represents a significant analytic challenge. In addition, there is the added challenge of managing and maintaining a multitude of analytics tools to try to make sense of the data.

A Market Pulse survey found that companies are drawing from an average of over 400 different data sources to feed their BI and analytics. The survey found that, on average, enterprise data volumes are growing at 63 percent per month, and 12 percent of respondents indicated that their volumes are growing by more than 100 percent per month.

Within that flood of data, there is meaningful information—information that may be the difference between growth and stagnation for the enterprise.

CIOs are using multiple internal systems and trying to integrate and derive value from siloed analytics. Mainstream business intelligence and flat-dashboard analytics lack the agility, resilience, and holistic capability that enterprises need, leaving CIOs to struggle with how to take the output of their various systems and turn it into meaningful intelligence.

Meanwhile, business leaders face a related dilemma. How can they leverage analytic outputs to improve their business processes and outcomes? How can they use the business intelligence they have to support data-driven decision-making at every level of the enterprise?

The skill and speed with which an organization uses data and analytics to find actionable intelligence and respond to unforeseen change impacts every aspect of the enterprise for better or worse. That is why forward-thinking CIOs and business leaders are looking beyond simple data and analytics to a hyperconverged analytics model.

This ebook explores:

  • What hyperconverged analytics is
  • Popular use cases for hyperconverged analytics
  • Industries that are profiting even now from hyperconverged analytics
  • How Genware is ushering in the future of hyperconverged analytics

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