Unlock the Power of Any Data for Telco

Digital Service Delivery

TELCO (Zaw, Gerdyman)

Organizations understand the importance of data. But getting the right data to the right people at the right time is one of the biggest challenges today. In this webinar series, Unlock the Power of Any Data, we highlight the key capabilities you’ll need to support any business need for any team across any location at any speed and scale with trust and control.

For telecommunications service providers in competitive markets, the speed and ease with which new services and products can be brought to market is a competitive advantage. One way to accelerate that innovation is to follow standards such as those from the Telemanagement Forum (TM Forum). These best practices for business processes (eTOM), applications (TAM), and data (SID), help streamline communications between operational and business support systems and provide a framework for improving digital service delivery. 

Telecommunications firms can make use of these best practices to shape their key software and enterprise capabilities to affect real change. In this webinar, we focus on how TIBCO has used standards such as SID, eTOM, and TAM to shape its globally deployed Telecommunications Fulfillment Orchestration Solution (FOS). Moreover, we include a short demo that highlights how we continue to improve and extend our capabilities for customers and how these new capabilities accelerate new offer creation and implementation.


Presented by:
Wens Gerdyman, Senior Product Manager
San Zaw, VP Solutions Engineering, Asia Pacific