Unlock the Power of Any Data for Manufacturing

Part 3: Product Data

2020-UTPOAD - Manufacturing - Products (Ticot)

Organizations understand the importance of data. But getting the right data to the right people at the right time is one of the biggest challenges today. In this webinar series, Unlock the Power of Any Data, we highlight the key capabilities you’ll need to support any business need for any team across any location at any speed and scale with trust and control.

In part three of this series, we review how manufacturing organizations can use TIBCO to address product data management challenges. We often see organizations struggle with inaccurate, inconsistent, and sometimes inaccessible product data and with coordinating across multiple teams (product, logistics, quality control) that need to work together to bring new products to market.

In this webinar, we highlight some of the key challenges of product data management and product creation workflows, and close with a demonstration that shows how TIBCO capabilities, specifically master data management, can be used to address these common product data management problems.


Presented by:
Stephen Archut, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Conrad Chuang, Senior Director Product Marketing
Aurelien Ticot, Senior Sales Engineer