Unlock the Power of Any Data for Healthcare:

Managing HCO and HCP Data

Organizations understand the importance of data. But getting the right data to the right people at the right time is one of the biggest challenges today.  In this webinar series, Unlocking the Power of Any Data, we highlight the key capabilities you’ll need to support any business need for any team across any location at any speed and scale with trust and control.

In this part of the series,, we focus on how healthcare  organizations can use TIBCO to address data management challenges that occur when managing healthcare professionals’ (HCP) and health care organizations’ (HCO) data. 

Found in everything from provider staffing systems to payer network sufficiency reports, this data is critical  for filing and processing claims. Inaccurate, inconsistent, and out of date information about HCOs and HCPs can create real headaches and costs for the entire system. 

In this webinar  we highlight:

  • The key challenges of HCO/HCP data management for healthcare organizations 
  • Demonstrate how TIBCO capabilities can be used to address common problems
  • Describe how these capabilities  support the TIBCO Healthcare Interoperatbility Solution


Presented by 

Stephen Archut, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Conrad Chuang, Senior Director Product Marketing

Beth Spears, Solutions Engineer

Amit Verma, Senior Data Architect

2020 UTPOAD-Healthcare HCO-HCP (Verma, Spears)
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