Future Customer Experience: From Digital to Omnichannel - a TM Forum Analyst Webinar

Future Customer Experience - From Digital to Omnichannel

Telcos are working at breakneck speed to improve the entire customer experience (CEX) for their B2C and B2B customers. The effort includes customer-facing physical and digital channels, devices, network integration and service assurance, and privacy, security and trust.

Watch this TM Forum webinar with a guest speaker from TIBCO to understand the state of CEX across major telcos worldwide, emerging trends, the most successful approaches, the least effective tactics, and near-future investments in new CEX technology.

We will review:

  • The success of omnichannel and personalization efforts
  • The integration of network and service assurance with customer experience strategy
  • The challenges operators face with an expanding array of new devices
  • The importance of privacy, security, and trust throughout the customer experience
  • The role of fast-evolving technologies like AI, robotic process automation (RPA), and cloud-native architectures.