TIBCO Webinar: The importance of analytics scalability in a data-driven enterprise: practical cases

The multiplicity and quantity of information and the continuous proliferation of the representative sources of these, gives companies continuous challenges in the context of the usability and manageability of the data. The analytics solutions must be effective and flexible, both as regards the ability to analyze and represent in a simple and fast the data coming from various sources, and for the ability to make available quickly and effectively to increasing and differentiated audiences of users such analysis.

TIBCO Software and Anzani are pleased to invite you to this webinar where, thanks to the sharing of use cases that come from real success cases in finance, manufacturing and energy, we will show how TIBCO Spotfire allows to integrate multiple sources and to support in terms of horizontal and vertical scalability of its architecture, making it adaptive to the growing and variable analytical needs related to the business.

Topics covered:

  • Architecture components and connectors.
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability.
  • Integration of the environment.
L'importanza della Scalabilita degli Analytics in una Data-Driven Enterprise.mp4

Success with TIBCO:

Over $1 million

In projected opportunities


Thousands of data points per car, per second understood with TIBCO Spotfire


Crewmembers who access and use Spotfire dashboards

18–24 Hours

to spot patterns in new data

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