The TIBCO Cloud Starter Toolkit 2.0

12.8 Virtual Meetup TIBCO Cloud Starter Toolkit 2.0

This session will provide updates to the TIBCO Cloud™ Starter Toolkit.

TIBCO Cloud™ Starters Toolkit allows a UI developer to rapidly compose applications combining multiple TIBCO Cloud™ Services. Enabling our customers and partners to deliver highly customized solutions hosted on the TIBCO Cloud Platform, that meet specific use cases or verticals.

Please join this session for:

  • Platform updates (Angular 10, Security)
  • Some real live implementations (GatherSmart, City Harvest, Project AIR, Project Journey)
  • Using TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging solutions in your app for notifications and real-time updates 
  • Creating contextual help for your application 
  • Using stencil components for your UI look and feel 
  • Integrating the building of your cloud starter in a build pipeline (Jenkins).