TIBCO Cloud Integration Virtual Workshop

TIBCO Cloud Integration Virtual Workshop

Join TIBCO Cloud™ Integration virtual workshop to learn how to address new challenges in your business environment.

How do you handle the growing number of non-integrated SaaS solutions like Salesforce, Marketo, or SAP Cloud? Do you want to know how to get leads from your CRM to your marketing system? How to migrate customer orders into your ERP system? And do all this while taking into account standards such as APIs, Cloud, REST, Kafka, and your SLAs and security policies?

In this virtual session, it will show you how to develop your first integration. This virtual workshop is aimed at users who need to connect cloud and on-premises business applications and data sources fast and cost-effectively.


TIBCO Cloud (Develop, Connect, and Manage all your APIs and Services)

  • Introduction to TIBCO Software
  • Develop API-led Integrations Using TIBCO Cloud
  • Full Lifecycle API Management
  • Building Smart Applications through Low-code Development