TIBCO Analytics Meetup

TIBCO Analytics Meetup - February 2021

Every quarter, our analytics experts present a 30-minute update to our virtual user community. This quarter's presentation includes a demo on how to identify and classify patterns of interest in big data, which is a critical part of any manufacturing scenario.


  • TIBCO Data Science update by Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer
  • Demo: "Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition, an example of classifying semiconductor wafers" by Nico Rode and Adam Faskowitz, Data Scientists
  • TIBCO Community update by Heleen Snelting, Director Data Science
  • Live Q&A

You’ll learn about:

  • Recent innovation projects and community activities
  • TIBCO’s novel approach to pattern recognition as applied to semiconductor wafer maps
  • How to use a combination of machine learning techniques and to identify patterns quickly and accurately from a large amount of data
  • How to use these patterns to train and deploy a model to classify new wafers in real time