TIBCO Analytics MeetUp

AI and Data Visualization Spotfire and Data Science

Every few months, TIBCO Spotfire® experts present on topics of interest to our virtual user community.

Join the discussion with Michael O’Connell, TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer, and his data science team.

You will learn about:

  • The current TIBCO Analytics portfolio, and the powerful combination of visual analytics and machine learning
  • Predicting potential flight delays so that an airline or airport can take pre-emptive actions and hence improve operations and the travel experience.
  • A big data analysis on parking citations to find out whether lower income levels are associated with greater parking citation amounts.
  • Model creation, model deployment, business facing dashboards, data prep, visual impact, and storytelling.
  • The latest how-to content available on the TIBCO Community.


  • Welcome and a TIBCO Spotfire and Data Science update by Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer ― 10 mins
  • Predicting Flight Delays with Visual Analytics & Machine Learning demo by Chia-Yui Lee, Data Scientist ― 15 mins
  • Burden of Parking Citations with Visual Analytics & Machine Learning demo by DivyaJyoti (DJ) Rajdev, Data Scientist ― 15 mins
  • TIBCO Community Update by Heleen Snelting, Director Data Science ― 10 mins
  • Live Q&A

-The TIBCO Team