T-Mobile + HCL + TIBCO: Transform Your IT Landscape to Scale Digital Innovation

Transform Your IT Landscape to Scale Digital Innovation

Enterprises are continuously trying to innovate faster to deliver compelling customer experiences, optimize operations, and accelerate product innovation on their digital journey.

A traditional IT architecture is too monolithic and does not enable enough agility to rapidly adapt to business needs or scale digital transformation. This constraint limits the ability to deliver an excellent customer experience during times of peak traffic.

Together, HCL and TIBCO offer a digital framework that will help enterprises move from traditional IT to digital architecture and ensure an excellent customer experience. Customer T-Mobile is a great example of leveraging a hybrid integration platform to easily service customers using a continuous deployment model.

 Join us to learn:

  • The challenges and recommended best practices for building a digital architecture to scale digital innovation
  • How HCL and TIBCO’s co-innovated framework will help you rapidly achieve your digital initiatives
  • How TIBCO partnered with T- Mobile for a flawless iPhone X launch


  • Chandrasena Sriramoju, Principal Engineer, T-Mobile
  • Subramaniam Turuvekere (Subbu), Practice Director, HCL Technologies
  • Todd Rentschler, Principal Solutions Consultant, TIBCO