Running Cloud-native Apps in Public, Private, or Hybrid Clouds

Learn how to build cloud-native apps by taking an API-first approach and run them on PaaS/CaaS of your choice in private, public, or hybrid clouds. Topics include:

  • Building 12-factor compliant cloud-native apps with native support for cloud-native tooling: configuration management, service discovery, and circuit breaker
  • Improving developer productivity by graphically choreographing APIs, microservices, and integrations
  • Continuously delivering apps leveraging DevOps tooling

Managing apps at scale in private, public, or hybrid clouds by leveraging the native features of PaaS/CaaS

Running Cloud-native Apps in Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud

Success with TIBCO:


With auto scaling, increased volume out-of-the-box

83 Percent

Reduction in time to review projects

9 Months

ROI payback time


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