Predictive, Data-driven Veteran Services:

Providing a Holistic View of Veteran Care

VA_Data Driven Predictive Services.mp4

As we approach Veteran’s Day here in the United States, it’s also an opportunity to thank Veterans and Veteran’s services worldwide for all they do to protect the values we share. 

Register today to hear TIBCO CTO Nelson Petracek explain how TIBCO enables a 360-degree view to help organizations proactively enhance the veteran experience and address their holistic needs.

Learn how TIBCO Software enables organizations to:

  • Leverage federal data to provide improved customer experiences

  • Use predictive analytics to aggregate data and preemptively identify and intervene when veterans are at risk for suicidal thoughts or poor mental health conditions

  • Improve coordination across ecosystems to prevent duplicate effort, identify barriers, and facilitate opportunities for improved consolidation, integration, and alignment