Personalizing the Retail Experience

The Future of Retail Marketing for Customer Engagement

Companies that are organizing their customer experience as journeys are delighting their customers, increasing loyalty, and improving profitability. 

This webinar will help retailers deliver a more personal and tailored message to the right group of people, at the most impactful time. 

In this collaboration with The Retail Bulletin, our speakers discuss:

  • Creating super audiences via personalization and communicating more effectively with customers
  • Personalizing the shopping experience and understanding what motivates and compels consumers to embrace a brand
  • Building a connected cross-channel experience and seamlessly engaging through the full buying journey
  • Recognizing the impact of each channel and delivering personalization uniquely based on consumers' paths
  • Enabling self-personalization, allowing consumers to shape their own experiences
  • Maximizing the role and impact of mobile technologies and leveraging best practices while customizing mobile for the brand
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