Patient Care Excellence Through Real Time Insight

The Covid19 Pandemic has propelled Singapore's national digitalisation efforts to the forefront. Whether it is about telemedicine, patient experience, or operational efficiency across hospitals and departments, the fundamental requirement is the imperative sharing of data across different stakeholders such as healthcare providers, payers and even regulatory agencies.  

In this webinar, we move the conversation upstream where we would examine, before we get to maximise the data's impact on your agency, your data infrastructure first and foremost. Is the data trustworthy and consistent? Is an integrated view across data silos available? Are they findable? Is there a system of governance to ensure data protection? 

Join us, for an overview demonstration, and see how to leverage event-driven architecture with predictive insights to improve outcomes, and boost information exchange across hospitals and other healthcare entities via Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

Patient Care Excellence Through Real Time Insight
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