The Metrics of Data Madness

Data Madness for a Better Bracket

The Metrics of Data Madness

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA Tournament, our webinar will be showcasing predictions on a mock bracket put together by ESPN Bracketologist, Joe Lunardi.

Thank you for understanding this last-minute adjustment, and we hope that you will enjoy the webinar!

The probability of picking a perfect bracket, the annual tradition of guessing the outcome of 63 basketball games in a single-elimination tournament, is next to impossible. Even so, every year computer scientists and now even data scientists crunch the numbers in an attempt to produce the perfect bracket. Turn your bracket from fingers-crossed hunches into analytics-backed forecasting with TIBCO Spotfire

Join us to see how YOU can accurately predict the winners and losers of the largest basketball tournament of the year—with TIBCO’s industry-leading data analytics software. Last year, TIBCO customers had a 95% accuracy rate, and a majority of last year’s attendees won their office pools.

Watch our free webinar and download a complimentary trial of TIBCO Spotfire so you’re ready to make your predictions and gain last-minute tips to improve your chances of winning this season.