Manage a Safe Reopening with TIBCO GatherSmart™

Manage a Safe Reopening with TIBCO GatherSmart™

Safely reopening workplaces after the COVID-19 stay-at-home phase will be a challenge for any business. The problem is an information gap:

Who is symptomatic?
Who may have been exposed?
Who is safe to come to work?
What are the hot spots near your work locations? 

The TIBCO GatherSmart™ employee mobile app and control center securely surveys employees and visitors, providing a data-driven view of an individual’s readiness to return to work by factoring in a regional context. The solution helps dynamically manage personnel and policy, putting you in control.

As a TIBCO4Good initiative, the easy-to-deploy GatherSmart™ solution for bridging your information gap is being offered at-cost, meaning what it costs TIBCO to run the solution on your behalf.

Join TIBCO executives in this on-demand webinar to learn more about how the GatherSmart™ solution:

  • Helps employees to feel confident and safe coming back to work
  • Provides management the controls to oversee all operations, supporting faster, smarter reopening decisions
  • Improves productivity and safety by helping you reduce the risk of outbreaks that can lead to location closures