Machine Learning and Industry 4: The New Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate problems and act in real time before they happen

In this webinar, we will address how maintenance strategies affect the total efficiency of the factory, how to improve these strategies, and how to reduce costs due to downtime.

We will present a strategy that uses statistical modeling based on Machine Learning to study anomalies, combined with real-time sensor data to predict them.

A real case showing how TIBCO Software helped a manufacturer save 10% on maintenance costs will be used to illustrate the strategy

Presented by:

Alessandro Chimera
Industry Consultant at TIBCO Software

Massimiliano Cassinelli
Scientific Director of BitMAT

Produced in collaboration with BitMAT Editions

Webinar BitMAT-Machine Learning e Industry 4.0 - La nuova predictive maintenance (1).mp4

Success with TIBCO:


Spotfire users

Over $1 million

In projected opportunities


Time spent gathering data before Spotfire, now eliminated


centralized source of information, down from 10

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